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If you have any questions or need a form that you don't see, please contact the Village Clerk's Office at 716-652-6000, ext 218 or e-mail Maureen Jerackas. You can also download a copy of our current fee schedule.  

Department Title Notes
Clerk Treasurer Application for Copy of Birth Record  
Clerk Treasurer Application for Copy of Death Record  
Clerk Treasurer Application for Genealogy Search  
Clerk Treasurer Freedom of Information Request (FOIL)  
Clerk Treasurer Water Account Change  
Clerk Treasurer Absentee Ballot  
Clerk Treasurer Application for Permit for Keeping Other Than Household Pets  
Clerk Treasurer Application for Permit To Keep or Maintain Three (3) or More Dogs  
Public Works Application for Curb Cut  
Building Application and Checklist for Development Plan  
Building SEQR Short Form  
Building SEQR Long Form  
Building Building Department Forms  
Clerk Treasurer Application for Hamlin Park Temporary Use  
Clerk Treasurer Application for Peddler or Solicitor Permit Door to Door Sales, Hot Dog Carts, Food Trucks, Ice Cream Trucks 
Public Works Application for Road Cut  
Public Works Application for Storm or Sewer Tap or disconnect Connect or Disconnect
Clerk Treasurer Application for Special Permit Restaurants, Outdoor Dining, Gas Stations, Outdoor Display of Merchandise
Clerk Treasurer Application for Temporary Use Permit Parades, Sidewalk Sales, Farmer's Market, Outdoor Music Events, Street Closures, and other public activities
Public Works Application for Water Tap Connect or Disconnect
Public Works Application for Rental of Water Meter with Backflow Preventer  
Zoning Board Application to Zoning Board of Appeals  
Historic Preservation Certificate of Appropriateness Instructions and Application Form  
Historic Preservation Historic Landmark Instructions and Application Form  
Clerk Treasurer Voter Registration Form