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Zoning Board of Appeals

        Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Calendar

Meetings are subject to change if there are no applications before the ZBA.  To the extent practicable, we will post changes on our home page.  You may also call the Village Clerk's office at 716.652.6000 x 221.

In 1926, the Village Board of Trustees created a Village Zoning Commission that consisted of five members. The Commission, in an advisory capacity, was charged with the responsibility of establishing a Zoning Ordinance that would recommend the boundaries of various districts, appropriate regulations for building and establish enforcement procedures. Thus, the Village Board of Trustees "believed that the adoption of such a Zoning Ordinance would be wise and necessary to promote the health, safety, morals and general welfare of the community."

On November 21, 1927, the Village Board of Trustees having received the preliminary report for the establishment of a Zoning Ordinance scheduled a public hearing on December 19, 1927. After the public hearing, the Zoning Commission submitted its final report, which was adopted by the Village Board of Trustees on January 16, 1928. The first ever Village of East Aurora Zoning Ordinance was published in its entirety in the East Aurora Advertiser on January 26, 1928.

As part of the Zoning Ordinance and required pursuant to Village Law §7-712, the Zoning Board of Appeals was established. Through the years, the Zoning Ordinance underwent many changes. Zoning district amendments and boundary changes are noted and dated on the Official Zoning Map for the Village of East Aurora.

Once known as the "Village Zoning Commission", the current "Zoning Board of Appeals" was established by local law on September 25, 1961. Today, each of the five (5) Zoning Board of Appeals members serves a staggered five (5) year term. Appointments are made by the Mayor with the approval of the Village Board of Trustees. A new statute adopted by the New York State Legislature, effective January 1, 2007, requires that members of zoning board of appeals receive a minimum of four hours of training per year. Training must have been completed in order for members to be eligible for reappointment.

The specific duties and permitted actions by the Zoning Board of Appeals are defined under §285-68 of the East Aurora Village Code, as well as Village Law §7-712-B.


Current Members
Member Name Term Expires
John Spooner, Chair 4/2020
Joe Cassidy 4/2022
Michael Croft 4/2019
Mary (Molly) Flynn 4/2022
Bruce Mitchell 4/2023